How to create and launch your first App

Do you own a smartphone?

Well, with over 2 billion smartphone users in the world and only 7 billion people; chances are you do. That's almost as many phones as there are people; give or take a few billion depending on the math.  

Wow, that's a lot of phones!

In fact, cell phones are one of the most popular devices used around the world.

So what do people use all those phones for?

According to Fact Tank, most smart phone users leverage their phones for information, to get directions, listen to the news or get recommendations. Phones are widely used for entertainment, to hear your favorite music, watch an exciting movie or TV Show or even take or share a captivating video. Some use phones as Consumers to buy things; to shop, purchase, order food, services or products. Others use it to record special events or themselves walking along the beach or to capture astonishing moments on vacation. Then of course, you have people who use the phone for Communication; with text, chat, social media, posts, blogging, instant messaging and ah yes, making phone calls.  Almost forgot that last one.

One might ask how do these phones do all that stuff and what makes them so smart?

According to an article by Android Tech writer Vijay Kumar, put simply, "Smartphones are called "smart ", because they provide instantaneous information when you need it; presented in a more useful way.  This is accomplished through Applications.” 

Apps or Applications are software programs designed to perform specific types of functions directly for the user or program.

Apps provide a channel by which users can share Information, entertain one another, Capture images and Communicate.  Apps are the key ingredients to smartphones and are easily accessible on your mobile device with a touch from your fingertips. They are easy to download right from an App store on your phone and come with their own set of instructions and functionality.

It is through Apps we have come to know and use massive platforms like Uber, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; just to name a few. Apps are revolutionizing the way we live and push technology to the next level.

We are in the digital age and with over 3 million Apps available in the stores today; running on those billions of phones out there; this tech train has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. 

So if you want to get on board and share your creative ideas by creating and launching an App, this course will be your ultimate guide and conductor to help you design and launch your own App with the potential to impact the masses.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Brainstorming & Market Research
Lesson 2: App Design & Budget
Lesson 3: Wireframes & Development
Lesson 4: Legal
Lesson 5: Pricing Models
Lesson 6: Marketing
Lesson 7: Certificates & Updates

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