How to write and publish your first book

Can time stand still?

In life we are in constant pursuits of nouns to fill our timelines; interesting people to connect with, far off intriguing places to visit and all the magical things that capture our fleeting attention and burning desires. Along the way, we might pass by the roses of life, never taking a pause to sniff, smell and take it all in. Often times we end up neglecting the beauty in life as time tics on by. Sometimes we miss catching a funny joke; or miss out on wild entertainment, wide smiles and fun; or a precious moment shared with a loved one. As a writer and potential author, your words could be the very glue that holds these moments in place, in the mind of your readers.  Readers who long to remember the happy feeling of laughter, the excitement of mystery and those memorable moments filled with a rosy scent. 

As authors, we capture these special connections, locations of paradise and things of wonder, through the camera lens of our minds.  We then play back the creative stories to our readers through our writing and story telling, with the goal to persuade, inform and entertain them. 

Just as any great story has a beginning, middle and end; the process of writing and publishing a book involves a similar set of stages.  If you are looking to write your first book and get it published, it is important to have a guide to lead you through the important steps from start to finish. 

That’s where this course comes in; to help guide you from brainstorming to publishing your first book, with your name on it as the author. This is a simple, straight forward training course, to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish your goal of writing your first book. Join me on this epic journey through a self-paced course to the land of success!

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Brainstorming
Lesson 2: First Draft
Lesson 3: Editing
Lesson 4: Publishing
Lesson 5: Marketing

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